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  • ART. 1
    Upon arrival, the Guest must go to the Reception with a valid identity document(like identity card,passport or driving licence) for himself and each member of his family to make the registration as foreseen by law. Registered guests will be provided with a camping pass and an identification bracelet. The bracelet must be worn at all times during your stay. The access to and presence in the Holiday Centre of unauthorised people determines: - the breach of the Public Safety Rules; - the breach of art. 614 C.P. (trespassing); - the breach of art. 633 C.P. (invasion of grounds and premises); - the breach of art. 624 C.P. (theft of services); - an offence of contractual fraud. .
  • ART. 2
    Visitor access to the facility is through the use of RFID support (bracelet) which activates the turnstiles in the various accesses. Recorded information (entrance times, the presence or absence of the guest in the facility) is used solely for organizational and security purposes. Such data will be processed by internal staff, released only to authorized personnel, will not be distributed and will be deleted simultaneously at the end of the stay. With regard to the data, you can exercise your rights under Article 7, by sending a written request to the Processing Manager: Centro Vacanze Pra' delle Torri S.r.l. based in Viale Altanea, 201 – Loc.tà Pra' Delle Torri.
  • ART. 3
    The Minimum stay and the arrival day change according to the season and the accommodation you choose, for more details refer to the price list.
  • ART. 4
    Vehicles can enter the Holiday Centre only by using a magnetic card in combination with the license plate of the car. The Guest must make sure that all the registered information is correct, point out to the Management any mistakes and pre-emptively notify any variations, such as the change of pitch, the arrival or departure of persons. The Management office can forbid the entrance to or remove the vehicles inside the Centre that are not regularly registered, charging the Guest of all the expenses which may be encountered in case of towing. The Guest that has a “flat-rate” contract must provide the names of his family members that cannot be later replaced by others. Should the Guest favour the entrance of unregistered persons, he will have to pay a fine amounting to the price for minimum stay of 8 (eight) days per person, unless the Management of the Holiday Centre decide to break the contract immediately by sending the Guest and his family away.
  • ART. 5
    Vehicle access is allowed through the ANPR control systems by reading license plates. Recorded information (entrance times, the presence or absence of the car in the facility) is used solely for organizational and security purposes. Such data will be processed by internal staff, released only to authorized personnel, will not be distributed and will be deleted simultaneously at the end of the stay. With regard to the data, you can exercise your rights under Article 7, by sending a written request to the Processing Manager: Centro Vacanze Pra' delle Torri S.r.l. based in Viale Altanea, 201 – Loc.tà Pra' Delle Torri.
  • ART. 6
    The Guest knows that only one caravan or, alternatively, one motorhome or a tent plus one vehicle (car or motorbike) can be placed on each pitch. Pitches are Pinewood,Standard- or Maxipitches. In the pinewood and Standardpitches can stay a maximum number of 5 persons, whilst on the Maxipitches there can be 6 persons. In both cases an “extra” small tent (ridge tents, dome tents, etc.) can be mounted. In the pinewood the fare of the pinewood pitch will be applied for each mounted tent. In case of reservation the possible request of a spot change (from bookable sector to unbookable sector) will involve the loss of the deposit.
  • ART. 7
    The pitch can be chosen by the Guest, bearing in mind the staff’s indications. The pitches that have to be pre-emptively booked, can be occupied only with the Management’s authorisation. Pitches cannot be changed, unless the Management consideres the reasons for the change relevant. All the equipment including vehicles, must be orderly placed inside the pitch for the Campsite and in the apposite numbered car parks for the Village.Vehicles must not be parked on transit roads and cannot occupy, even if only temporarily, the other pitches, although free, otherwise the fare for the occupied pitch will have to paid.
  • ART. 8
    Village: The unities on arrival will be disposable by the hours 18.00 and to the departure they will have to be freed within the hours 10.00. Hotel: The Rooms and Apart Hotel are available from 16.00 on arrival and must be left by 10.00 on the departure day. Camping: The pitch will be available from 3 p.m. on arrival and the day of departure must be vacated by noon. Should the departure not take place within the foreseen departure time, the Guest, with the authorisation of the Management, can stay the whole day, but will have to pay the fare for the departure day too. All the guests that are leaving, should be out of the holiday centre at 12.00am. Otherwise it will be requested for each person the extra payment of a “day visitor”.
  • ART. 9
    The Management reserves the right to allow day visitors and guests, that have to show a valid identity document( like identity card, passport or driving licence) at the reception, to enter the centre with a short stay pass (that is not valid for the pools), according to the organisational requirements of the Holiday Centre; should the visitor/guest stay longer, he shall have to pay the fare of a “day visitor”indicated in the price list. The Guest of the Holiday Centre must make sure that his visitors have the Management’s authorisation and he is held responsible for the visitors’ behaviour inside the Camp. Daily guests cannot stay inside our Holiday Centre after 11 p.m. A possible overnight must be declared no later than 11 p.m. and it must be registered and paid as price listed. Visitors cannot enter with the car. For prices and conditions, see our price list.
  • ART. 10
    Dogs are not allowed in the Holiday Centre, with the exception of cases foreseen in the single article of Law N. 37of 12-02-1974 and of Law N. 376 of 25-08-1988 regarding accompnying dogs for blind people. Possible exceptions to this prohibition shall be determined by the Management.
  • ART. 11
    At any time, the types of behaviour, activities, games and the use of equipment that may disturb Guests of the Holiday Centre must be avoided. In particular, the following are not allowed during rest times (23.30-07.00 / 13.00-15.00): the entrance, exit and circulation of motor-vehicles (only for the Campsite); the use of sports and leisure equipment; putting up and disassembling tents; to wash dishes in the camping area; to use the electric hand- and hairdryer in the in the hygiene facilities . Those who come back to the Campsite after 23.00 must leave their cars and/or motor-vehciles in the external car park until the next morning.
  • ART. 12
    For everyone’s safety and to guarantee peace and quiet, the car must be used as little as possible and in any case the maximum speed allowed is of 10 km/h, whilst motorbikes must travel at a walking pace.
  • ART. 13
    Adults are held responsible for their children’s behaviour, whose liveliness, conduct and needs cannot go to the detriment of peace and quiet, safety and hygiene of the other Guests. Children must always be taken to the toilets by adults and be looked after when swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool and when using the leisure equipment. The Guest shall reimburse any damange caused by children even to third persons.
  • ART. 14
    It is forbidden to: -To leave rubbish outside the bins provided. -To dig holes or channels in the ground -To light fires (excluding those of the cooking equipment) in residential units. -To use grills fuelled by wood and/or charcoal near to the residential units; grills must not cause trouble or danger. -To park cars behind the units so as to prevent the passage of people between the same units. -To decant portable containers of LPG, or from them into tanks of LPG-fuelled cars. - damage the vegetation; - pour onto the ground oils, fuels, boiling, salted or waste liquids; - wash cars or other vehicles on the pitches; the Campsite has an apposite pitch which can be freely used; - do the washing up or the washing outside the apposite sinks; - wash or get washed at the fountains in the Camp; - waste or use inappropriately the water; - create fences, attach anything to plants, put up ropes at man’s height and mount anything that may be dangerous and be an obstacle to the free passage of others; - use equipment such as heaters, electric stoves, electric jugs, etc. The power supply to pitches is of 5 Ampère. Plants comply with CEE norms. It is required that: -All cooking devices (grills/stoves) must be kept a suitable distance from the tents and shall not cause interference or danger. -The areas between the tents are kept clean, tidy and not used as storage areas of combustible or flammable material. -LPG portable containers should be installed vertically above ground, with the valve at the top, protected from accidental knocks and direct sunlight, with easily accessible shut-off valve. -The connection between the LPG portable containers, the pressure reducer and the user device, must be made using appropriate pipes, in accordance with current standards.
  • ART. 15
    Mobile vehicles can have supplementary coverings as long as they are exclusively placed on the vehilce’s roof and are not larger than the shape of the vehicle.
  • ART. 16
    The objects that are found in the Holiday Centre must be habded to the Management of the Information desk to fulfil the procedures foreseen by law.
  • ART. 17
    The use of sports and leisure equipment takes place at the user’s own risk, the Management is not responsible for the loss, deterioration and theft of belongings inside the Holiday Centre. The Guest is aware that the Cashier’s office provides a service where personal belongings can be safely kept. Apart from covering risks for civil liability towards third parties-a copy of the insurance policy drafted with Assicurazioni Generali S.P.A. is in the Offices of the Holiday Centre-the administration is not responsible for damages caused by: thunderstorms, hail, and any other natural event, fortuitous events, fires, theft, etc. The Guest that has a personal insurance commits himself to not ceding in case of an accident his rights and the action of compensation to his insurance company or to third parties against the Holiday Centre.
  • ART. 18
    The use of the swimming pools is free and strictly reserved to guests of the Pra’ delle Torri Holiday Centre. The use of the swimming lanes is under pyment and must be reserved. It is forbidden to enter the swimming pool area wearing walking shoes; entry via the foot bath is obligatory. Pools opening and closing hours may vary at the discretion of the Management in case of bad weather. The place with sun umbrella on the beach (except the accommodations with the beach service already included according to the price list ) and the pools is for payment and possible to book in the cash office at the beach.
  • ART. 19
    Any infectious disease must be immediately reported to the Management or the doctor of the Holiday Centre. At the discretion of the attending doctor in the Holiday Centre, the Management could decide whether accept or deny the access for the guest and his family unit.
  • ART. 20
    The stay in our Holiday Centre for minors is allowed only with an adult responsible for them and a written declaration of the parents and attached a valid identity document.
  • ART. 21
    The Guest declares that he has been informed of the Official Order of the Harbour Office regulating the behaviour on the beach. He consequently acknowledges that it is forbidden to swim when the sea is rough, during thunderstorms, at night, in the exit areas of sailing boats and windsurfs, generally when red flags are hoisted.
  • ART. 22
    The Guest is aware that the Holiday Centre offers a surveillance service performed by recognisable staff. This staff must guarantee that all the provisions herewith included are respected. The Guest commits himself to favouring this surveillance and monitoring activity, being available for the surveillance staff at any time, proving his name and address, if required, and giving access to his vehicles and accomodation.
  • ART. 23
    The Guest is aware that no commercial, professional and craft activity can be carried out within the Holiday Centre.
  • ART. 24
    The payment of the stay is to be made within 3 days from the date of arrival, with the exception of the pitches in not-bookable areas, for which the payment is to be made no later than the day before the date of departure. For Camping Guests, any deferred departure or overnight stay of a member of the group outside our Holiday Resort is to be reported and paid not later than 12.00 a.m. of the same day at our Cash Office. For the guests of our accommodations and Hotel rooms it must be reported at the Hotel reception or at the main reception. Every reentry with overnight need another check-in. For early departures on reserved stays, the payment required is from the entire reserved period. The district of Caorle introduced, by the single article of Law no.39 of 22 February 2013, the tourist tax, an obligatory tax for non-resident persons, that every guest must pay on the arrival day.

    ART. 25
    For information and advertising purposes of the Holiday Centre, the guest explicitly authorizes free use of photographs or videos in which they appear and/or are taken, furthermore the contractor underwriter, the guests and their families, including children over which they exercise parental authority, expressly waive any claim for compensation or indemnification. All staff involved in photos/filming can be identified by a special jacket. In the event the guest does not want to be taken, he/she should promptly report this to the operating personnel.

    ART. 26
    Should the agreed or due amount not be paid, the Guest authorises the Holiday Centre to issue a sight draft including expenses addressed to the Guest himself. Payments extended in time produce a 10% interest on the official discount rate with a minimum annual 18% rate. The Guest acknowledges that the Holiday Centre has the right to retain his belongings until it is satisfied with the payment, acknowledging also that art. 2756 C.C., point 3 can be applied.

    ART. 27
    In case of controversies the competent court shall be the Court of Venice and the guest expressely renounces to the competence of any other judicial authority.

    The access to the Holiday Centre is allowed only in full compliance with our camping regulation.

    Last revision 06.2018

    Holiday Complex Safety Policy

    The Centro Vacanze & Golf Pra’ delle Torri is surrounded by the luxuriant vegetation of the Venetian coast between Caorle and Duna Verde. It is a holiday complex that is fully equipped to offer its guests the best camping and accommodation solutions to satisfy their various needs, with a hotel, holiday apartments, water park with swimming pools and fountains, 18-hole golf course and numerous other facilities. In order to protect the natural environment surrounding the complex and health and safety in the workplace, the Centro Vacanze & Golf Pra’ delle Torri management has implemented a Safety Management System in compliance with the OHSAS 18001 standard.

    Our company policy pursues the following goals:
    • Attain more and more acknowledgement from the national and European tourist market.
    • Expand our structures, improve our services and introduce the most innovative technologies.
    • Take care of the environment, by reducing our emissions and consumptions.
    • Train our employees about a safe and healthy workplace, providing them with all the most appropriate structures and equipment. • Maintain the highest level of technical and operating efficiency in all our structures and plant.
    • Define targets and plans for ongoing improvement considering the needs and positions of all our colleagues and clients, taking into account the expectations of our guests and the public, changes in legislation, technological development and economic trends.

    To reach these important goals Management endeavours to ensure that the organization and all those whose work is involved with it act to:
    • Spread the company philosophy of quality services, environmental protection and safety, both personally and by handing out this document, to those working inside and outside the company, so the importance is fully understood of how these issues are managed within the work of each one.
    • Use the best possible technology in order to efficiently use the human resources and company performance.
    • Actively involve the service managers in the matters of health and safety in the workplace.

    Each member of staff within their specific responsibility, must undertake to:
    • Pursue the specific targets assigned by management addressed to continual improvement in our services and safety standards in order to guarantee total customer satisfaction.
    • Work in observance of current law, regulations and the voluntary requisites they have signed regarding safety management, defining increasingly ambitious goals to ensure their own performance is constantly improving.
    • Prevent accident and damage to employee health, remembering that protecting the natural environment, the original state of the land and human health are essential values in our policy.
    • Facilitate the information programme with our guests, with an enthusiastic, cordial approach and a spirit of cooperation and initiative.

    Caorle (VE), 16 June 2016
    The Chairman
    The Director

    A copy of this document is on show in all areas available to employees, internal managers and guests to ensure its full and widespread disclosure. The policy is also spread externally through the company website.


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