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News 2017

The Holiday Centre Pra‘ delle Torri launched in the last days the summer season 2017, after a winter characterized by important investments focused on the innovation of its offer, about quality and safety standards:

News 2017:
- 50 Standard Bungalows have been restored and upgraded into 30 Bungalow Gold – composed of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and 20 Bungalows Silver – composed of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom; they are modern, welcoming, spacious and with all the comforts as at home. In the coming two years is planned the building renovation of all the remaining Standard Bungalows.
- A new mobile homes village is born: the Easy Village, accommodation with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room with kitchenette and wide door on the veranda. The goal of these accommodation is to offer a new, functioning an low-cost solution for a holiday at Pra’ delle Torri.
- 7 new Marine Village have been arranged instead of 7 Chalets, which have been moved to the back.
- As the Lodge Openspace Village has achieved a huge success, 10 new Lodges Openspace units have been settled to increase the Village. They are composed of 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 wide doors on the veranda, therefore it is possible to obtain an only large and open space.
- New medical practice by the entrance of the Holiday Centre.
- news in the catering trade, with the renovation of the restaurant and a new management for the “Sporting” pizzeria – restaurant by the sporting centre in the heart of the campsite area, and with a covered terrace for the “Playa Loca” kiosk on the beach.
- even in the central shopping area there have been some changes: a new souvenir shop owned by a glass master craftsman directly hailing from Burano, a new bag and costume jewellery store, a new brand clothing store.

Services and facilities:
- Booking 2018: it is now possible to pre-book a campsite parcel or an accommodation for the following year both online and at the main reception, through a special help desk, opened from Tuesday to Thursday from 09.00 a.m. until 01.00 p.m., with 3% discount (on all booking confirmed with a deposit by 31.10.2017).
- Air conditioning system is now included in all accommodation categories.
- Specific TV channel in each accommodation, broadcasting information regarding the activities and the Holiday Centre.
- Car rental directly on site, in the Holiday Centre.

- Substantial maintenance work have interested the C area of the campsite, where new electrical, water and gas systems, as also a new sewage pipe system and a new modern fire prevention system.
- New extinguishing machine with a powerful fireproof pump, fire station and advanced training courses for the members of our staff.
- New non-slip pavement around the 50 meters and 25 meters Olympic pools.
- New pavement, scenic design, tables and chairs at the Mini Club.
- Strengthening of the wifi connection system, thanks to the glass fibre.
- New loudspeakers system around the whole Holiday Centre.
- New outdoor lighting system with always more LED lamps.
- Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works.

The Holiday Centre Pra’ delle Torri tried to develop its offer looking forward to reach the needs of its Guests.


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