visit venice in one day

Visiting Venice in one day

Those who have visited Venice know that it is practically impossible not to find thousands of tourists scattered everywhere at any time of day. The charm of this beautiful and atypical city makes it the most desired destination in the world, and this is why a large part of its tourism is from repeat visitors. Every year, 14 million people visit Venice.

When deciding to visit such a beautiful and complex city of art like Venice and having little time available, it is essential to be well-organized and not be caught off guard by adverse weather conditions, such as rain.

Visiting Venice, even for those who have never been there, feels like deja vu because so many famous films have used it as a filming location.

Organizing a visit to Venice

Before discovering the ten attractions that should not be missed during a visit to Venice, it is best to know how to prepare to maximize the time dedicated to enjoying its artistic and cultural beauties.

The first thing to do, as already mentioned above, is to know the weather conditions you will face. In case of an inevitable rainy or overcast day, an umbrella and, if there are children, also raincoats should not be missing from the things you bring. Since you have to walk a lot in Venice, it is important to wear comfortable clothing, starting with comfortable shoes. Depending on the season, the clothing should be flexible and allow you to stay dry and comfortable.

For children, an extra t-shirt is useful even in winter, as it is the garment that is in contact with the skin and protects it. A mini change of clothes helps to prevent excessive sweating or the possibility of getting wet. In summer, Venice offers relief in the small alleys or shaded areas, but a hat and water are essential for any walk.

To prevent one person in the group from being too burdened, it is good to share the load. Everyone should bring their own small backpack. In an age of smartphones, which are very important for functions like GPS tracking, they run out of battery quickly. It is a good idea to bring a power bank that can charge the phone’s battery.

The goal of the visit is to enjoy a wonderful stay in this beautiful lagoon city. Given the inevitably large number of visitors, it is important to prepare an itinerary that does not require long queues and unnecessary time wastage. It is useful to look at alternative routes and choose the main attractions at times with less traffic, such as during lunch.

Who wouldn’t want to take a beautiful gondola ride? In Venice, a romantic gondola ride can be expensive, so it should only be done with official companies and not be persuaded by occasional private individuals. On Piazza San Marco, many promotional services are often advertised, so why not take advantage of them?

A lunch in Venice can be expensive if you do not choose fast food or less known trattorias. In this latter case, just look around, and you will surely find offers suitable for a lunch at 15 euros, perhaps a bit spartan, but certainly authentic and sustainable. If you want to enjoy a stunning view or select only renowned restaurants, you must be prepared for a higher bill.

10 things you must see

The ten things you must not miss take into account that in a city so rich in treasures, you have to make a selection and choose the most important ones. There are obviously hundreds of places and attractions to see. Here is a selection of ten things you must see:

  • To visit the Doge’s Palace, it is best to avoid long lines and book tickets in advance.
  • It is impossible not to see the Basilica of San Marco, which is the destination for all those who come to Venice as tourists. In this case too, booking is essential.
  • Piazza San Marco needs no introduction and fortunately does not require queues. It is ideal for taking wonderful photos. It is a phenomenal attraction and deserves to be enjoyed from different angles.
  • A beautiful ride on the Grand Canal: Your eyes will be filled with beauty on a boat ride that departs from the station. The postcards of the magnificent Venetian palaces appear in all their splendor, side by side.
  • Some chains are found in all tourist cities in the world, one of them is Hard Rock Café, which can be a quick pit stop.
  • The Gallerie dell’Accademia allows you to admire the works of famous painters like Tiziano, Tintoretto, Giorgione, Tiepolo, Bellini, Carpaccio, and many others all at once. For those who love valuable old paintings, this is a unique opportunity in the world.
  • At the Rialto Bridge, there are no queues, but many tourists gather there to take a photo or a selfie.
  • Another important destination is the Basilica of Saints John and Paul, beautiful and impressive, which can be seen from different parts of the city.
  • A well-deserved break in the Napoleonic Gardens is worth stopping for to rest and enjoy the coolness of a large green area located right in the historic center of Venice.
  • For the last destination of the trip, some want to climb the Clock Tower, from where there is a breathtaking view, while others want to look beyond, towards the islands of Murano and Burano and buy a souvenir from the glassmakers. Or take a walk through the Mercerie, the three streets of Venetian shopping. From here, you return to Piazza San Marco up to the Rialto Bridge.