Cycling holidays in Veneto – the most beautiful itineraries along the Adriatic coast

Moving around by bicycle is undoubtedly one of the best choices when on vacation. Besides being good for your health, it’s a means of transportation that allows you to explore Caorle at a slower pace. Without haste and in a more in-depth manner.

Once you’ve checked the tire pressure and filled your water bottles, you’re ready to set off to explore the area near Caorle. The bicycle is the ideal means to reach neighboring towns and places of interest at a relaxing cruising speed.

Let’s see some of the routes that can be followed by bicycle, immersing yourself in nature to breathe fresh air and admire the landscape.


Exploring the Livenza along the GiraLivenza

The Livenza river is located near the town of Caorle, and nearby its embankment, a beautiful pedestrian/cycle path called GiraLivenza has been built.

To reach this route, take the blue cycle path in the center of Caorle, and then follow it to the Ecopark parking lot. From here, you can follow the signs for this beaten path that winds along the entire Livenza river.

The route is suitable for everyone, as it does not have steep gradients, and the surface is asphalted or dirt. The length of the route is approximately 24 km, and it can be completed in just over 3 hours. Along the riverbanks are the classic “Casoni” of this area, where you can stop for refreshments and taste some of the offerings that the old fishermen of yesteryear are ready to let you taste.


The routes of the Venetian Coastline

The area of the Upper Adriatic is dotted with canals, communication routes, and cycle paths that intertwine in an almost endless succession. For those with well-trained legs, the Venetian Coastline is a route that leads to the discovery of all those small villages located within this maze of canals and roads. Places where centuries-old traditions are still alive, where the land is cultivated, and visitors are welcomed with a broad smile and a cup of coffee.

There are several routes available, and to complete them all, a few days are needed. The complete map of these routes is available on the Veneto Region tourism website. Here is the link to explore them further.


Discovering the town of Bibione

About 50 km away from Caorle, you can reach the town of Bibione with your bicycle. The route to reach this location winds through cultivated fields, green expanses, and small villages such as Marango and Sindacale. The Nicesolo Canal is a presence almost throughout the outing, as in this area of Veneto, it is the watercourse that separates the municipality of Bibione from that of Caorle.

This area is rich in marshes and fields, so it’s advisable to protect yourself with mosquito repellent creams during the summer period. Shaded areas are few along the route, so it’s also good to wear a hat to protect your head from the hot summer sun rays.


Bicycling along the Laguna del Mort

Once on the cycle path from the fishing port, in a few minutes, you can reach the area of the Laguna del Mort. This area is named Mort (dead in dialect) because of the change in the course that the Piave river took after a flood. The low amount of water that is now found in this branch of the river has given rise to the growth of a wonderful nature. Nature, where the fauna of these places has grown and populated the entire area that the retreating waters have left free.

The presence of slight slopes and muddy areas makes this route unsuitable for families with young children or those who are not particularly fit. The loop of the route has a length of about 35 km and can be completed in 3 hours. In case you want to have a picnic, it’s good to remember to have mosquito protection in your backpack. In this area, mosquitoes are very numerous.

Cycle paths in Caorle

For those who don’t want to engage in long bike rides but still want to be physically active, there are several cycle paths along the entire city center of Caorle. Identifiable by colors, they are ideal for exploring the city center and its surroundings.

A camping holiday in Caorle is the ideal choice for those who want to discover this location while having fun in contact with nature. The camping site at the Pra’ delle Torri Holiday Center offers all the comforts to ensure everyone has an unforgettable holiday in every way.