Camping vs Glamping: which to choose?

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Camping vs Glamping 5

Glamping is a new accommodation mode that has been spreading increasingly in recent times. Originating from the fusion of the words “camping” and “glamour”, glamping offers a more chic way of camping, with all the comforts and services of a luxury hotel, but within a tent immersed in greenery.

Both camping and glamping are perfect solutions for all nature lovers, however, the difference between the two experiences is very marked. In this article, we help you choose the holiday style that suits you best!

What are the main differences?

Glamping, as we have just seen, is camping with more amenities compared to traditional camping, such as internet access, private sanitary facilities, air conditioning, or gourmet food.

Similarly, some glamping facilities offer visitors tents, bungalows, or original accommodations like treehouses, transparent dome tents, and themed huts. For these reasons, staying in glamping is more expensive compared to traditional campsites.

Camping, by definition, is an outdoor activity that involves sheltering in one’s own tent. The facility provides the bare essentials and, therefore, represents a more economical solution compared to other types of holidays. Unlike glamping, camping puts you in direct contact with nature, offering a more genuine, fun, and adventurous experience.

The perfect way in between: Pra’ delle Torri Holiday Centre

Over the years, some campsites, like the Pra’ delle Torri Holiday Centre in Caorle, have increased their range of services and comforts. In this sense, Pra’ delle Torri combines luxury glamping with authentic camping experiences.

On one hand, the Holiday Centre indeed offers the possibility to stay in bungalows, chalets, and apartments full of comforts; on the other, it is equipped with a camping area immersed in greenery: the perfect place to pitch one’s tent, or park one’s camper, and fall asleep to the sound of the sea waves.

Pra’ delle Torri also offers a wide range of services designed to entertain the little ones and relax the adults. Golf, fitness centre, water park, restaurants, and entertainment: the campsite allows you to spend time in tranquillity in nature while at the same time enabling you to have and share new experiences.

Would you like to try the comforts of a stay at Pra’ delle Torri?