Camping in Italy: the guide for a perfect holiday

Sun, sea, culture, and good food: welcome to Italy! This country is a very popular destination for camping holidays because travelling in a camper van allows you to move in total freedom and truly immerse yourself in the typical Italian atmosphere.

How to best organise a camping holiday in Italy? Here’s a guide with lots of tips for you!

Is wild camping allowed in Italy?

Generally, no, wild camping in Italy is not permitted. Obviously, staying overnight where there are explicit prohibitions, for example within some nature reserves, is not legal.

The precise rules vary from region to region, so before leaving, we recommend checking what is allowed in your destination area. Camping or pitching a tent in prohibited areas can result in very hefty fines, so pay particular attention to where you decide to stop your camper.

By respecting these rules, you will discover that Italy is a truly welcoming country suitable for camping: indeed, you will have no trouble finding free areas dedicated to camper stops! If you prefer a more comfortable holiday, choose to spend the night in one of the many campsites along the peninsula: here, you will find spaces equipped for campers with all services.


Tips for camping in the peninsula

As you have understood, in Italy it is advisable to avoid wild camping and choose a specific area to stop instead. With this and other tips, you can explore the entire territory without worries!

When is the best time to visit Italy in a camper?

Summer is definitely the period with the highest number of tourists because it is during this season that cities are liveliest, shops and restaurants stay open late, and you can take advantage of the good weather to enjoy a holiday full of sunshine.

If you prefer a milder climate and less crowded places, we recommend travelling between May and June or in September. The temperatures will be perfect, and you can admire Italian beauties at your leisure.

The equipment you need depends on your travel style (if you stay inside a campsite, you will not need many things and can easily find everything you need) and your destination (sea, city, or mountains).


Visiting Northern Italy in a camper

With the main tips for camping in Italy covered, everything is ready to set off: but where to go? Below, we give you some advice on the most beautiful areas to see in Northern Italy!


Lake Garda – one of the most loved destinations by campers

Nestled between Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, and Lombardy, Lake Garda is one of the most loved destinations by tourists camping. Here, nature and human work have created spectacular places, where the blue of the water, the green of the vegetation, and the beauty of the picturesque lakeside towns will win you over. Thanks to its many campsites and various services, Lake Garda is perfectly equipped to welcome campers, tents, and caravans!

Adriatic coast in Veneto – for campers who can’t give up the sea

If you love the sea, direct your camper towards Veneto, reach the Adriatic coast, and enjoy a typically Italian holiday between sun, beach, and relaxation! The charm of the seaside resorts and the particular atmosphere of these places are truly unmissable: among the main destinations, we suggest Jesolo, Bibione, and the characteristic town of Caorle. Here too, you will find many areas where you can camp with all comforts.

If you stop in Caorle, the Pra’ delle Torri Holiday Centre is ready to welcome you and your camper with lots of services, designed for the joy of both adults and children. Here, fun, nature, and sports await you, as well as different types of pitches suitable for all needs, located even a few steps from the sea!

Liguria – coasts, villages, and mountains to explore

Moving west, another of the most popular destinations is Liguria, with its coasts, mountains, and iconic villages. Explore the hinterland and then proceed to the Riviera di Ponente to enjoy the beauties of the sea and nature and visit unforgettable cities and places, such as Sanremo and Bordighera. Travelling by camper in Liguria allows you to explore the territories you prefer and to taste many typical products!


Your holiday awaits

Camping is one of the best solutions to fully enter the Italian atmosphere and appreciate every aspect of the holiday. In addition to Northern Italy, you can easily and conveniently camp also in the rest of the peninsula by choosing the stops and campsites most suitable for your needs. Now that you have all the necessary information, pack your bags and… have a good trip!