5 Useful Tips for Renting a Camper in Italy

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From north to south, Italy offers landscapes of unique beauty at every corner. What better way to visit them all than aboard a camper? Road trip holidays are increasingly chosen by tourists for their flexibility, comfort, and affordability.

Renting a camper/motorhome allows you to plan an alternative itinerary to discover different locations, as well as to save on accommodation costs.

Like any holiday, however, good organization is needed before departure. Here are 5 things to know before renting a camper for your holiday in Italy!

1. Choose the Right camper for Your Needs

The choice of a camper primarily depends on how many people will be staying inside and on your comfort preferences and habits. There are 4 main types of campers.

  • Van conversions: vans with windowed bodies and interiors furnished with a kitchen area, bathroom, and beds. Ideal for couples who enjoy an active holiday, and for families that do not require large spaces
  • Low-profile campers: offer the same features as van conversions but with greater comfort and size
  • Overcab campers: the strength of these campers is their spaciousness. They are equipped with a double bed bunk above the driver’s cab and another two beds at the rear of the vehicle. For this reason, they are perfect for families or large groups
  • Campers: represent the most spacious and comfortable motorhome but are also the most expensive

Additionally, you should consider their drivability and fuel consumption. Obviously, the larger the vehicle, the more fuel it will consume, and the more difficult it will be to manoeuvre where space is limited.

2. Book the Camper well in Advance

Once you have chosen the perfect camper for your needs, make sure to book the vehicle well in advance to access more affordable prices. The cost of a camper in Italy varies depending on the type of camper, the season, and the rental duration.

To rent a camper in Italy, you need to have a valid driving license (Class B for most campers), a valid ID, and a credit card.

3. Carefully Check the camper Before Departure

You’ve chosen your motorhome, picked it up from the agency… what now? Before departure, take some time to check that everything is in order. Review the engine, brakes, and suspension. Also, ensure that the heating system starts regularly without repeated attempts.

4. Respect Road Rules

Finally, it’s time to leave for your holidays! When travelling from one place to another, respect safety rules to avoid accidents and fines. Traffic rules in Italy are essentially the same as the rest of Europe. Pay particular attention when you are in large cities and remember that lights are mandatory even during the day.

5. Respect Road Rules

Lastly, carefully plan your itinerary by organizing all the various stops and stages. Not sure where to start? We have prepared a 4-week itinerary in Veneto for you!