Living Cliffs in Caorle (Scogliera viva)

A magical place where art meets the sea

Some believe that works of art should be admired indoors – in a museum, gallery, or church – illuminated by electric light and protected by sophisticated alarm systems. Often, that’s the case, but not in Caorle, where along the sea you can admire evocative sculptures, born from rocks and the passion of great artists. It’s the Living Cliffs, a stretch of coastline that extends from the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Angelo beyond Piazza Duomo, always following the coast. For those wondering what to visit in Caorle, this is definitely the right answer.

Living Cliffs, an open-air museum

But what exactly are the Living Cliffs? It’s a true open-air museum, where the beauty of nature merges with the skill, talent, and dedication of numerous artists.

t all began in the nineties when the cliff was still shapeless and its only function was to protect the outer dam from the sea. Then came the intuition of the sculptor from Treviso, Sergio Longo, who here in the summer of 1992 carved out a magnificent Neptune, the god of the sea, accompanied by a nymph.

Longo was just the first in a long series of sculptures: many artists from every corner of the planet followed his example. Attracted by the intuition of the sculptor from Treviso, they came here from South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East, including Japan.

The route along the sea

Those wondering what to visit in Caorle now know that the Living Cliffs are right at the top of the list. To discover them, you can follow the route from the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Angelo to Piazza Duomo. The church, especially with its view directly over the sea, has ancient roots, although it was rebuilt in the eighteenth century and restored in the last century. Here begins the walk, where the ear is rocked by the waves and the eye is pampered by the charm of the place.

Madonna dell’Angelo sanctuary

A prestigious award

To fully enjoy the beauty of this place, you can take advantage of the international award for outdoor sculpture “Living Cliffs,” a biennial event (the last, the nineteenth, was held in 2018), a sign of how this place has become a leading artistic and cultural center.

Staying in Caorle

So what to visit in Caorle? Living Cliffs are undoubtedly one of the most impressive places, although there is much more to admire in this interesting seaside resort, full of opportunities. To fully enjoy it, you can stay in one of the many structures in the area, like our Pra’ delle Torri Holiday Center: the ideal place to relax and immerse yourself in beauty.

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