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What to do in Caorle if it rains?

Caorle is a splendid town that offers a lot due to its proximity to many points of interest, as evidenced by the fact that a rainy day in Caorle is not a wasted day.

Caorle and rain are not antithetical precisely because sometimes it’s the best way to take a break from seaside life and dedicate oneself to the so-called plan B.

Recommended activities on a rainy day

Here are some valid alternatives to experience Caorle in a different way. As already mentioned, this beautiful town, even when it rains, shows all its charm. If you don’t know what to do on a rainy or simply cloudy day with the threat of rain, it’s time to visit the center, where among various diversions, you shouldn’t miss the visit to the Cathedral of Santo Stefano and its museum dating back to 1038. If the visit includes children, they may be interested in the legend of the Golden Altarpiece, which is actually true. In 1489, the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro, was returning from Venice. The royal procession, composed of two ships, was caught in a storm right off the coast of Caorle.

One of the two ships sank due to the stormy sea. While the other ship miraculously survived, managing to dock right at Caorle. The Queen, who was on the miraculously saved ship, stayed in the city of Caorle for several days, and as a sign of gratitude, donated the Golden Altarpiece. In reality, despite the name, it is a relief work chiseled in gilded silver. It shows six panels with religious subjects created between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries.

After leaving the Cathedral, which besides the Golden Altarpiece contains other interesting religious art, it might be a good idea to enjoy the little shops and bars for a coffee or, with children, to have ice cream. Another suggestive visit due to its location is the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Angelo located at the end of the cliff.

It dates back to 1751, the year of its last reconstruction. Also in this case, there is a legend to know, which tells of fishermen finding a wooden statue of the Madonna with Child floating at sea despite being placed on a marble pedestal. Only children were able to transport it to the Cathedral. The next day it disappeared, only to be inexplicably found later in the church by the sea, which then took the name Church of Madonna dell’Angelo.

In summer, it is open and visitable until 11 pm, while in winter, it is open during daylight hours.

Having fun with children in the rain

For the little ones, near the center, there is a large two-story arcade where you can have some fun together. If you want something more engaging for the whole family, for once you can opt for a trip to the shopping center. The choice is very consistent:

the closest one is Adriatico 2 located in Portogruaro
but there’s also Centro Piave in San Donà di Piave
there are other shopping centers including Città Fiera in Udine and Emisfero in Fiume Veneto, while in Mestre, there’s Nave de Vero where there’s a playground set up every weekend.

Actually, they are everywhere and offer indoor entertainment space.

Still with family and children, it might be an opportunity to visit one of the many important cities in Veneto and Friuli. Among the closest ones, the recommendation goes to the city of Padua full of treasures and works of art, then there’s Verona which needs no introduction. Udine and Trieste with the beautiful Miramare Castle.

There is no shortage of options without obviously forgetting that within an hour, there is the marvelous Venice. Bad weather in Caorle doesn’t ruin a vacation because there are really so many attractions.

If you are staying in a campground, rain itself, especially for the little ones, is a different opportunity to spend time together. In tents or trailers, there are opportunities to play together with cards or board games. There are books to read or color. The experience of a rainy day at the campsite is always a diversity that children enjoy very much.

Tips for a rainy evening

With or without rain, a visit to discover the ancient Fishing Villages cannot be missed. Especially in the evening, it’s a magical stroll where the sparks of lights mingle among people who gaze upwards to appreciate the colorful fishermen’s houses. The atmosphere is typical Venetian with narrow alleys and squares. The small shops gathered there also interest children, who peer at the counters to spy on typical local items.

With an umbrella in hand, the walk to the Living Reef of Caorle is charming. Many works by national and international artists have been carved on the rocks in the open air. There are many subjects, 103 sculpted starting from 1993 thanks to the international competition held at the end of June.

There are many reasons in Caorle to enjoy an interesting stay full of relaxation, culture, and fun. Even on a rainy day, you can enjoy the pleasant distractions of the center and its ancient and suggestive monuments.

A simple walk is enough to enjoy the typical Venetian atmosphere. If you want to take advantage of the proximity to some of the most beautiful art cities, just a few kilometers away are Padua, Udine, Verona, Gorizia, and the legendary Venice.