UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy

Article available in several languages: click on the corresponding flag to read the version you are interested in. The title of UNESCO World Heritage Site distinguishes the finest sites, areas, and places of cultural and […]



Belluno: The first peoples to occupy the Belluno area before 3000 B.C. were the pre-Indo-Europeans, who left signs of their passing in the names of many towns and the Belluno commune names. In the following […]

rovigo piazza


Rovigo stands on a fertile plain producing top quality corn and fruit and vegetables. Notwithstanding the very few historic finds so far, the presence has been ascertained in the area by the ancient Venetos first […]



Treviso: the first nucleus was a pre-Roman village on the bight of the River Sile, an area rich in water resources. The vicinity of the important roads, like Via Postumia, and water courses meant that […]

padua prato della valle


Padua has been called the “Capital of 14th century painting” as the pictorial evidence from that century make the city of fundamental importance for artistic development in the west. Since 1222 the city has housed […]

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Venice and the islands nearby

The Venetian Lagoon began forming in 800 B.C. on a swamp where it is presumed there were human settlements way back in prehistoric times. In the paleoveneto era the area was inhabited by peoples who […]

Concordia Sagittaria

Portogruaro & Concordia Sagittaria

Portogruaro was founded in the XII century on the remains of an ancient Roman town. The Germanic influence can be seen in the urban layout and, in fact, Emperor Ottone donated the land along the […]

arena di verona


Verona is an important tourist destination and visited by more than three million people every year to see its artistic and architectural wealth, the opera and theatre performances and, above all, because it is the […]


Venetian Islands

The most important islands in the Venetian Lagoon are Murano, Burano and Torcello. The Lido is an important bathing resort and where the famous Venice Film Festival is held. Muranois situated to the northeast of […]



Chioggia: the town’s birth can be dated around 2000 B.C. with the Pelagio, a people of sailors from Tessaglia. The decline of the Roman Empire coincided with the arrival of the barbarians, with the first […]