The fish market of Caorle and traditional dishes

Caorle is known to be one of the favorite tourist destinations for families. This charming town of Roman origin has everything needed to cater to the entire family.

The reason for this is that it combines the classic beach holiday with clean water and fine sandy beaches with a holiday of interest due to its location.

Its proximity to Venice makes it even more interesting. One experiences a constant emotion, as if being part of a fairy tale, and that’s exactly what children love.

One of the attractions of Caorle is definitely the fish market. The interest in visiting the fish market on the shores of Caorle appeals to both young and old. It’s a true spectacle that happens every afternoon. The freshly caught fish is sold through the auction method.

This maritime village has ancient traditions, many of which are still based on fishing today. The ritual of selling fish has been going on for centuries in Caorle. Families eagerly await the return of the fishermen who carefully moor their boats to start a real show, especially loved by children.

All kinds of boats crowd the harbor, and especially in the summer, it’s not uncommon to admire two-masted sailboats moored among the fishermen. As soon as the boats are ready and the fishermen have brought all their catch ashore, the ear auction takes place, the typical fish sale in Caorle.

A magical ritual that repeats itself from generation to generation, it’s an ancient Caorle tradition. Buyers approach the auctioneer and whisper their bid for a particular batch of fish.

The auctioneer awards the auction to the highest bidder and announces it loudly so that everyone can hear the auction verdict.

Every afternoon it’s nice to visit Caorle’s fish market with your child on your shoulder and experience and see what can’t be told.

Every Saturday morning throughout the year, at the square of the bus station, specifically in Via Aldo Moro from 8:00 to 13:00, a version of the municipal fish market is held where everyone can go to buy the fresh catch of the day. There’s a variety of all kinds.

A visit on Saturday morning shouldn’t be missed in this special market that also includes other curiosities like local products, shoes, tools but also toys, all things that satisfy the whole family.

Fish at the fish market

Fishing is part of the DNA of the inhabitants of this ancient maritime village. Every day the fishermen return between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. to start the traditional fish sale via the ear auction. All the catch is bought by restaurateurs and hoteliers who offer a traditional cuisine based on the freshest fish every day.

The variety of the catch is remarkable and is considered the flagship of the entire area. There’s something for every taste and here’s a small list that can’t be exhaustive of all the species that are caught and sold. There are sea breams, squids, calamari, soles, octopuses, prawns, mussels, scampi, baby octopuses, langoustines, sardines, sea breams, lobsters, anchovies, and everything else that is part of Caorle’s catch every day.

Also, clams and white king crab are not missing, an excellence found in every restaurant.
Since 2017, it’s also allowed for visitors, tourists, locals, or just passing consumers to buy the catch directly from the fisherman. Every morning from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 to 10:30, two minute-based sales stations have been made available.

Traditional dishes of Caorle

Caorle is known not only for the beauty of its colorful old town and the splendid beaches but also for other characteristics, not least the culinary tradition.

A good vacation cannot be without a traditional cuisine typical of the place. In Caorle, all this is found in every restaurant because the sea, as already mentioned, offers a truly remarkable selection of catch, and in addition, this territory also has the cultivation of vegetables and fruits besides being famous for the production of DOC wines.

In a city of fishermen, a solid tradition of cuisine based on fish could only arise. Baby octopuses, king crabs, squids, and calamari are basic ingredients that are offered every day in tasty traditional recipes by local restaurateurs.

Among the many famous recipes that you can taste in Caorle are:

  • ink squid pasta
  • Sardines in saor
  • Boiled baby octopuses
  • Sepia soup
  • Bigoli in sauce

, all recipes that are part of Caorle’s culinary culture and nearby Venice.

Behind Caorle, vegetables and fruits are produced, which are made available directly from the fields at the market every week. You can find peaches, apples, pears, grapes, but also radicchio and white asparagus, typical crops of sandy soils.

An area that offers so much is often celebrated through village festivals and fairs. Inland from Caorle, the wine routes are also famous, which can be traveled in search of fine DOC wines, such as those from Lison-Pramaggiore, Piave wines; you can also venture into the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, where the famous prosecco is produced. In addition to village festivals and fairs, there are many gastronomic events celebrated along the narrow streets of the center and into the villages.

The wines are best enjoyed by tasting, in addition to those already mentioned, the whites Verduzzo, Chardonnay, and Tai must not be missed. Among the reds, one cannot fail to taste the full-bodied Merlot, Cabernet, and Refosco.

Caorle is appreciated for its many qualities, it’s ideal for families and leaves no one dissatisfied. Every pastime is of quality and makes for an unforgettable vacation. Children love Caorle and adults enjoy a period of serenity and taste.