spaghetti with seafood

What to eat in Caorle?

Seaside town, where fresh catch of the day has always stood out as one of the main ingredients in its dishes. Besides fish, there are many flavors that make the traditional dishes of Caorle so special.

A quiet city ideal for a relaxing summer vacation, Caorle is also a very characteristic town that adapts well to every type of holiday. Whether you want to relax or stay out late in nightclubs, you can find a solution that fits your vacation style.

The promenade, which embodies a true work of art in constant evolution, the living cliff, is one of the best places to relax and admire the flight of seagulls. As you approach the harbor, the song of the seagulls accompanies us towards the fishing boats returning from the sea with their rich catch.

The moscardino of Caorle is certainly the most typical fish of the tradition. For centuries, it has been prepared in different variations and types of cooking to find space in first courses or as a main dish. While staying in one of the best hotels in Caorle, a walk along the promenade before dinner is a great way to whet your appetite. The many restaurants in this part of town flood the surrounding areas with delicious smells.

What to eat in Caorle: 5 typical dishes to try

Fried calamari. Fried calamari, like all fried fish, are one of the typical delicacies of Caorle. Each restaurant offers its own variation, which often uses a batter made with a secret ingredient and different varieties of fish. In any case, the strength of this dish lies in the quality of the fish used in the frying. The fresh catch of the day, chosen by the chefs directly at the harbor, is brought to the kitchen and fried. A real treat to enjoy by the sea.

Boiled moscardino. The moscardino is certainly the most typical fish of this area of Veneto, and as mentioned earlier, it is used in various preparations. Choosing to cook it in the most traditional way is also the one that brings its flavor back to the oldest traditions. A light and ideal dish even for those on a diet, it is rich in flavor and certainly will not displease even the most refined people.

Seafood carbonara. Fish and seafood are a fixed point in this cuisine. It could not be missing in this list of dishes to taste in Caorle, a reinterpretation of the quintessential first course. Seafood carbonara, which often changes the ingredients based on the fish purchased at the local market, may seem an offense to lovers of spaghetti carbonara; but it definitely deserves to be tried before passing judgment. A lunch by the sea with this atypical dish could turn into a unique opportunity to experience a non-traditional variant of carbonara.

Pasta with fish. In the traditional cuisine of Caorle, fish can be said to be the main ingredient in almost all recipes. There are indeed many pasta dishes where it is present, and among the most famous, we must mention “spaghetti alla busara”. Prepared with scampi or with scallops, they are the dish that best represents the lunch of the fishermen who returned from fishing trips. Once they arrived at the harbor, the wives were busy preparing this tasty fish-based first course, ready in just a few minutes.

Raw fish. There could not be a more succulent and delicious way to conclude this list of dishes to try while staying in Caorle. Raw fish to be tasty must be fresh and of excellent quality, and what is caught every day by the fishermen of Caorle is certainly no exception. Seasoned with a drizzle of oil or with some spicy sauce, they are an ideal appetizer or dish for a romantic dinner with your loved one.

Caorle’s cuisine is certainly one of the most delicious in all of Veneto. The freshness of the fish helps to enhance the taste of each dish, which with few ingredients and without many spices manages to create something delicious. Paired with one of the many excellent wines produced in Veneto, the fish and traditional dishes of this locality can only be a delight for the palate.