The 10 Most Fun Water Sports to Practise in Italy

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On the beach, there are two types of people: those who prefer to relax under the umbrella and those who love to have fun in the waves. Can’t wait to dive into the blue? In this article, we take you through the 10 most beautiful water sports, from the most “extreme” to those suitable for the whole family.

1. Stand up paddle

Stand up paddle, or SUP for short, involves paddling while standing up on a board. Unlike surfing, SUP is a simple activity suitable for everyone: you just need a bit of balance, and you’re all set!

2. Water skiing and wakeboard

If you want to further test your balance, we recommend water skiing and wakeboarding, the equivalent of snowboarding on water. These sports require some practice but once mastered, they guarantee a unique adrenaline experience: a speedboat will pull you along the water at high speed, allowing you to make jumps and acrobatics of all kinds.

3. Parasailing

For those who aren’t afraid of heights, there’s only one choice: parasailing! Technically, this wouldn’t be a water sport but an aerial activity, as it involves gliding over the sea waters from above, hooked to a parachute towed by a boat. As the boat accelerates, you will gradually rise, eventually getting an aerial view of the surrounding landscape.

4. Snorkeling and diving

Now that you’ve seen the sea from above, it’s time to dive into its waters and explore the seabed! You can do this with a mask and snorkel or through actual diving excursions. Unlike snorkelling, this activity involves diving with an oxygen tank, and a certification is required to practise it.

5. Kayaking

Moving on to a decidedly more tranquil sport: kayaking. This vessel is ideal if you want to get some exercise while also enjoying the sea in full relaxation. Kayaking does not require great athletic preparation and is also suitable for children.

6. Windsurfing

As the word suggests, windsurfing is a sports practice that involves using a surfboard equipped with a sail. Thanks to the wind’s action, you can move quickly on the water and explore the open sea. Windsurfing is a sport suitable for everyone but requires a gradual approach with training courses.

7. Pedalò

One of the most popular activities to do at the sea is undoubtedly pedalo rides. With or without a slide, the pedalo is a fun and universally loved means to try at least once in a lifetime.

8. Sailing Catamaran

For larger groups or families with small children, we recommend a trip on a sailing catamaran: the perfect solution for a sea excursion all together, combining relaxation and fun.

9. Water Ball Games

There are many games to play in the water with a ball. From prisoner ball, to splash seven up to piggy in the middle: you just need to take classic games and practise them in the water, nothing simpler and more fun!

10. Banana Boat

The banana boat is an increasingly popular water sport in beach resorts. Its name says it all: it consists of a long banana-shaped inflatable, towed by a motorboat, which will make you skim the waves among countless jumps, turns, and laughter!

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