Smart working on holiday: a new way of working and travelling

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In recent years, the phenomenon of smart working has grown exponentially, driven in large part by the pandemic period that has redefined the way of working. In Italy, according to data from the Observatory, there are approximately 3.6 million people working remotely, most of them from their homes.

In this panorama, a new trend is emerging: ‘workation‘, a term born from the union of ‘work’ and ‘holiday’, to indicate the practice of smart working in a tourist location.


What are the benefits of workation?

Workation is highly appreciated by ‘digital nomads’, i.e. those who seek to reconcile work with the pleasure of travelling and discovering new places.

This approach not only improves work-life balance but also promotes greater work sustainability by allowing people to do their work anywhere.

In fact, the greatest advantage of workation is major flexibility and autonomy. It is possible to travel to holiday locations at any time of the year, without necessarily waiting for summer holidays or company closing days. Planning one’s workstation during the low season also allows one to optimise one’s expenses and avoid periods of overcrowding.

Not all tourist destinations are suitable for workation, as they may not offer the appropriate services for a flawless experience. To take full advantage of its benefits, it is therefore crucial to choose the right location, such as the Pra’ delle Torri Holiday Centre.


Where to do smart working at Pra’ delle Torri?

A stone’s throw from the sea and far from the hustle and bustle of city life, Pra’ delle Torri offers all the amenities you need for productive smart working, such as a fast and reliable Internet connection and green spaces ideal for concentration.

With our free high-speed Wi-Fi of up to 2 Gbps, you can work in complete peace of mind in different areas of the holiday centre. The Bungalow Silver, Bungalow Gold, Apartment Comfort and Home Suite accommodations are equipped with free internal Wi-Fi, while the hotel lobby is equipped with privacy-enhancing workstations with LAN sockets for a stable connection.

To facilitate remote work, we offer guests the possibility of printing and scanning documents (for a small fee).

For breaks during the working day, the 5 restaurants and kiosks within the Holiday Centre offer a convenient take-away service. Whether it is a full lunch or a quick snack, these options guarantee tasty and convenient meals.

And if you are planning a family workation? Pra’ delle Torri has also thought of the little ones! With the Mini Club for children from 4 years of age, parents can work in peace, knowing that their children are engaged in fun and safe activities, under the supervision of qualified staff.


What to do during the workation?

Impianti Golf Pra delle Torri

After a busy day at work, what could be better than blowing off some steam with a game of golf or some exercise in the well-equipped and mostly freely accessible facilities? These spaces are perfect for keeping fit and unplugging from the daily grind.

For those who love the outdoors, a walk along the beach or a bike ride are the perfect opportunity to take a break from screens and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the campsite.

Furthermore, thanks to the campsite’s strategic location, you can visit some beautiful villages in the surrounding area, such as Caorle, Jesolo and nature reserves with unique charm.

Whether for a short escape from the daily routine or for an extended stay, Pra’ delle Torri makes every day a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.