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Visiting Venice: 5 Useful Tips

Venice has always been one of the most beautiful cities to visit for those vacationing in Caorle. The beauty of its narrow streets, bridges, and many tourist attractions is just waiting to offer dreamlike moments to everyone who stays there.

The city, which has lived for centuries with the “fear” of becoming the new Atlantis, has made this situation its strength. The beauty of Venice’s bridges and canals is known to everyone who dreams of coming to Italy for a vacation. Therefore, those staying in a hotel in Caorle should not miss the chance to visit Venice.

If you are planning your visit to Venice, here are 5 useful tips to best organize your exploration.

  1. Arriving in the city

Arriving in Venice is the first step to tackle. For those departing from Hotel Pra’ delle Torri, the journey is not very long, and they can reach the city of Venice by public transport or by their own car.

For those who choose to reach the city by public transport, they can use the direct ATVO bus from Caorle to Venice (Piazzale Roma), which ends its journey a few meters from the vaporetto station. From here, you can reach Piazza San Marco by sea in a few minutes, ready to start discovering the beauties of this city or enjoy a drink in one of the most famous places in the world.

For those who want to use their own car, there are several routes to reach Venice. Both the SS14 state road and the E70 highway are valid options. In a few hours’ drive, you can park in one of the car parks outside the center of Venice (it is good to remember that Venice is a city closed to car traffic).

  1. Buy a map

Getting around Venice can be complicated for those visiting the city for the first time. The historic center is so rich in streets and dead ends that it can be challenging even for tourists with the best sense of direction. If you want to follow your own itinerary to explore Venice, it is good to choose a logical route to visit as many attractions as possible.

To do this, a map of Venice is one of the best solutions. By following the markings you have made on the map, you can more easily reach the places you want to visit. In case you get lost, a map is also useful for asking locals for directions.

  1. A paradise for photographers

For those who love photography, Venice is definitely one of the best places to explore. Street food, animals, people, and breathtaking landscapes are scattered throughout the city center. It is difficult not to find a corner that will impress the viewer.

By wandering through the less known streets, you can find a moment of peace away from the many tourists in Venice and take photos of some of the city’s most characteristic attractions. To avoid obstructing the passage of Venice’s residents, who are often not very friendly to tourists in the middle of the street, it is good not to take photos on busy roads.

  1. Take a gondola ride

For those who want to plan a complete tour of Venice, booking a gondola ride through the canals of the city center is a must. The charm of the gondola and the view of the palaces from such a different perspective will surely be one of the most beautiful moments of the day spent in Venice.

Moreover, the gondolas and their gondoliers make this water trip different every time. Each gondolier has his own style and follows the route that suits him best. It is possible that each gondola ride is different and leads you to discover a different canal from the previous excursion.

  1. The aperitif ritual in Venice

In recent years, Venice’s taverns have launched a trend that makes them the protagonists of the evening aperitif. “Bacari,” as the typical taverns scattered throughout the city center are called by the Venetians, offer a wide selection of “cicchetti”; small snacks served with excellent white wine.

The “cicchetti” of Venice are small appetizers that often replace dinner for many tourists. Paired with one of the classic white wines of Veneto, these snacks are the ideal combination to spend an evening in good spirits, chatting about what you have seen during the day. It is also a great way to learn about local traditions and experience an authentic experience outside the classic tourist circuits.

Visiting Venice is one of the most beautiful excursions you can take during a holiday in Caorle. The proximity of this small fishing village, so different from this famous lagoon city, can lead any tourist to discover one of the most beautiful places in Veneto. Venice awaits to amaze the tourists who land on its shores, not only during the famous Venetian Carnival.