Quali sono i vantaggi di partire per le vacanze al mare a giugno?

What are the advantages of leaving for a beach holiday in June?

Today we reveal a secret: the month of June is the best time to leave for your beach holiday. One of the greatest advantages of taking a holiday at the beginning of summer is being able to enjoy […]

Summer 2023: ready for an unforgettable holiday?

Renovations, fun and comfort: discover all the new developments for the new season! As a new year’s resolution for 2023, we have chosen only one thing: to continue renovating, enriching and improving the Holiday Centre to offer […]

Green Tourism: at Pra’ delle Torri, we have more and more charging stations for electric cars!

In recent years, green tourism is becoming more and more widespread: a new form of environmental sensitivity that pushes travellers to adopt ecological practices, such as choosing or renting an electric car. In addition to not emitting […]

campi da calcio Caorle

A holiday… full of sport!

Who said beach holidays are just for relaxing? Whether you want to try a new sport or keep up your home fitness regime, at Pra’ delle Torri you’ll always find what you’re looking for! With our sports amenities and a wide range of […]

The greatest start to the year: winner at the ADAC Camping Awards 2022!

On Friday 14 January, the Holiday Centre Pra’ delle Torri of Caorle was one of the absolute stars of the ADAC Grand Gala in Stuttgart, Germany.