A outstanding summer holiday, with only a few more precautions

Covid-19 regulation


Rules valid for the regions when in yellow or white zone – Decreto Legge Covid-19 del 22 luglio 2021
Last updated: 06.08.2021 – Veneto region in white zone

GREEN PASS EU digital COVID-19 Certificate

By showing the Green Pass you certify that:
• have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine;
• or to have tested negative in a molecular or rapid antigen test carried out in the 48 hours before;
• or to have recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months.
The Green Pass is applicable from the age of 12 and is not mandatory for exempt subjects according to valid medical certification to be shown on request.

At check-in at the Pra’ delle Torri Holiday Centre, the Green Pass is not required to stay overnight but, starting from 6 August 2021 it will be mandatory to show it for to:
• consume at the table in indoor bars and restaurants (it is NOT mandatory for guests overnightstaying but only for daily visitors)
(It is allowed for all guests staying at Pra ‘delle Torri to sit at the tables both outdoors and indoor without a Green Pass – Only in the bars and restaurants inside the Pra ‘delle Torri)
• access to museums, exhibitions, cinemas and theatres
• attend shows open to the public, concerts, events and sporting competitions both outdoors and indoors
• participate in indoor activities of cultural, social and recreational centres
• enter wellness centres, SPAs and indoor sports facilities
(It is therefore allowed to carry out outdoor sports without a Green Pass)
• enter theme and amusement parks
(We are waiting for officiality from the relevant authorities for some of our services and facilities)
• participate in fairs, festivals, conventions, congresses, parties and receptions
• access game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos
(The Green Pass is required to access the Arcades Room)

At the Holiday Centre Pra’ delle Torri WITHOUT Green Pass you can therefore stay overnight, sit at the table in restaurants and bars both outdoors and indoors (only for guests staying), practice all sports including access to the gym, access the beach, access to the swimming pools and slides, participate in daytime entertainment activities, consume in bars and restaurants but limited to open air tables or at the counter, access offices, shops and the supermarket.
We are waiting for officiality from the relevant authorities for the requirement or not of the Green Pass for the Fantasy World, the Arcade Room and the access to the evening theatre.
It is always mandatory to wear the mask when indoor and in closed spaces, at the theatre and in all cases where it is not possible to maintain a provided safety distance by other people.

Rules applicable from 6 August 2021 in the Italian Regions in the white and yellow zone.

At the medical clinic inside the Holiday Center it is possible to do the covid-19 test (for a fee).

This should help you plan your travel in Europe, while staying safe and healthy
Re-open EU
, an official website of the European Union, is a great place to start if you are planning a vacation or trip to Europe. This tool collects information on various restrictions in place, including quarantine and testing requirements for travelers. Simply enter the country of destination in the appropriate white space to find out all the necessary information. The information is updated frequently and available in 24 languages.
For more detailed travel information, we recommend that you check with the relevant authorities in your country.
We invite all arriving Guests to inquire about the measures in force in Italy for the containment of the Covid-19 virus.

Curfew 2021:
Curfew abolished, freedom of movement even at night within the Veneto region and between neighboring regions also in the white zone.


Cancellation Policy Update due to arrival restrictions related to the pandemic: up to 15 (fifteen) days before the planned arrival day as on your booking confirmation letter it will be possible to proceed with the cancellation and the paid deposit will be refunded deducted € 50,00 of fixed charges. After 15 days, the entire deposit will be retained.
In the event of government restrictions related to Covid19, which forbid the Guest to spend the booked holiday, it will be possible to ask for a full refund of the paid deposit. Cancellation requests must be sent in writing exclusively from the booking holder (or in case of impossibility by the booking owner, by a duly authorized person).


We kindly invite all our Guests to act with commitment in order to respect these simple 5 rules required for everyone’s safety:

  • maintain the safety distance of 1 meter (or according to other indications) between non-family members, cohabitants or non-members of the same family
  • use of the face mask from 6 years upwards is not mandatory in open spaces as long as the minimum distance of 1 meter between people is guaranteed, however the obligation to wear it in closed public spaces remains. The use of the mask for children below 6 years is not mandatory indoor nor outdoor
  • wash your hands often with soap or sanitize them with hydroalcoholic solutions to be found at your disposal in different points of the Holiday Centre
  • by body temperature above 37.5 ° C or by cough, cold or other flu symptoms it is mandatory to stay within your accommodation or camping pitch and call +39 0421 1631322 (our medical service dial number)
  • follow any further indication displayed and on the floor



Public spaces, toilets, playgrounds and further equipment are cleaned and disinfected several times a day through the use of certified sanitizing products. The natural air exchange of the rooms and the cleaning of the air conditioning filters are guaranteed.


The entertainment service is guaranteed, as well as the Mini Club and the evenings at the theatre. Some activities may be limited to a limited number. It is advisable to consult the animation program for any other indications. Waiting for officiality from the competent authorities for evening access to the theater with or without Green Pass.


We invite our guests to go to the various offices only if really necessary and to limit their stay in closed rooms to the only time necessary for the provision of the needed service.
The staff is required to wear protective devices when in the presence of guests and in any case outside when it is not possible to guarantee the minimum interpersonal distance of at least one meter.
At the Main Reception there are two entrances and one exit, the numerical ticket also favours non-permanence inside the hospitality area of the reception. It is mandatory to sanitize your hands at the entrance.


Our APP will soon be available. We invite all our Guests to fill in the pre-check-in (in order to reduce their stay in the reception rooms), there will also be information on activities, times, etc. … We kindly invite all our Guests to download it and use it when possible.


Electronic payment is preferable and it is recommended to go to the cash desk in advance and not on the
departure day, in order to cooperate creating less crowding.


Fantasy World, Mini-Kart and Train: the activities are all open. Pending officialdom from the competent authorities for the use or not of the Green Pass.
The Green Pass is required to access the Arcade Room.
Restaurants open for lunch and dinner with no time limits, with the possibility to sit at the tables both outdoors and indoor without a Green Pass.
Each of the companies will prepare their own signs at the entrance of each commercial activity, on the basis of specific ministerial indications and the ones of the Holiday Centre Pra’ delle Torri. It is mandatory to sanitize your hands at the entrance. Inside restaurants, customers must wear a mask every time they get up from the table.


The distance of at least 2 meters must be maintained during sport activities.
It is forbidden to exchange personal items with others and it is mandatory to store clothing and other private objects inside your closed bag.
As for the gym it is mandatory to clean the equipment immediately after use with the products we make available.


The large size of our pitches ensures the safety distance. The spacing between the various crews must not be less than 3 meters between the 2 entrances of the units if placed frontally and the spacing of at least 1,5 meters between their own and other equipment present on the pitch must be maintained (chairs, tables, sunbeds, bicycles, etc. …)


Lagoon, Pirate Island, Olympic pool, Semi-Olympic pool and Slide Park are open.
The pools are constantly disinfected, monitored 24/7 and supervised.
The crowding density in green areas and in the pool is calculated with an index of not less than 7 m2. surface area per person, the rescue personnel will be entitled to carry out the checks.
Lifeguards can block access to the pool when the maximum number of people in the water is reached (according to the Covid-19 legislation) or when there is too much crowding; reporting: 3 whistles and red flag – as soon as the situation has improved, the red flag will be removed and you will be able to access the pool again.
Each umbrella must have 10 square meters available, and between the equipment (sunbeds, sunchairs and chairs) when not placed beside the umbrella, a distance of at least 1.5 m must be guaranteed, even between any own equipment.
Every evening and at every seat change, sunbeds and umbrellas will be sanitized.
The use of a swimming cap is mandatory.
Along the stairs leading to the slides, the safety distance must be respected as indicated on the floor.
The Sporting pool is not scheduled to open for this year.


Each umbrella must have 10 square meters available and between the equipment (sunbeds, sunchairs and chairs) when not placed beside the umbrella, a distance of at least 1.5 m must be guaranteed, even between any own equipment.
Every evening and at every seat change, sunbeds and umbrellas will be sanitized.
Bathing in the sea is recommended for its beneficial properties and the natural disinfection of the saline environment. The coastline of Caorle has been awarded with Blue Flag for clean water and attention to safety also this year.


In all the toilet buildings there are paths and indications to be respected. The constant cleaning of surfaces, contact parts and sanitary fixtures, and daily sanification carried out by specialized personnel, together with the natural circulation of air, guarantees users’ safety.


Individual sports and group sports are guaranteed as long as the minimum interpersonal safety distances are respected during the activity (2 meters).
Football and basketball schools will not be scheduled for this year.


Upon departure, bracelets must be cut and thrown into the appropriate containers at the exit of the Holiday Centre.