Green Tourism: at Pra’ delle Torri, we have more and more charging stations for electric cars!

In recent years, green tourism is becoming more and more widespread: a new form of environmental sensitivity that pushes travellers to adopt ecological practices, such as choosing or renting an electric car.

In addition to not emitting polluting exhaust gases, electric cars have the great advantage of it being possible to recharge easily and quickly and at a lower cost  than petrol or diesel.

To encourage the spread of these vehicles, many tourist facilities, such as Pra’ delle Torri, are investing in the installation of electric charging stations for fast charging.

10 charging stations for electric cars

Respecting nature has always been one of our main objectives and the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles is just one of the many initiatives that allow us to prioritise the environment.

To cope with the high demand, we’ve installed 10 charging stations, for the exclusive use of guests. This is a great advantage if you choose to spend your holidays at Pra’ delle Torri, as you’ll have no problems finding a place to charge up the car battery while you enjoy your holiday.

Where to find the charging stations

The charging stations are distributed as follows:

  • 4 charging stations in the central square of the Holiday Centre in the car park next to the fountain
  • 4 charging stations in the heart of the camping area in front of the Sporting Restaurant and Sports Centre
  • 2 charging stations in the Bungalows area, in the central area on the golf course side, between the numbers 168 and 189.

Check the map and find out the exact location of the charging stations to plan your stay in advance!

What is the charging capacity and how do they work?

The charging stations have a charging capacity of up to 22 Kw with double type 2 socket and charging is paid for via app.

Do you have an electric car and are you planning your next trip?