Pool and beach service

The Pool Service (beach umbrellas and sunbeds) and the Beach Service (beach umbrellas and sunbeds) are free until 28.05 and from 11.09.2020. From 29.05 to 10.09.2020 the Pool Service and Beach Service will be on payment. Beach Service is included for: Bungalow Central, Bungalow Special, Bungalow Superior 1st row, Bungalow Silver, Bungalow Gold, Home Suite, Hotel and Aparthotel. The Pool Service (Laguna area) is included for: Bungalow Silver 1st row, Bungalow Gold 1st row and Apartment Comfort 1st row.
For guests in Bungalow Standard there is a 50% discount on the beach service.

Olympic pool, semi-Olympic and Pirate Island open even in low season and heated until about mid-May and from about mid-September. The opening of the Laguna swimming pool is scheduled for about mid-May and closing on about mid-September. The opening and closing dates and the times are bound by weather conditions. In the presence of sports groups, the lanes of the Olympic and semi-Olympic pool may be reserved at pre-established times visible on site.