News 2024

Článok je k dispozícii vo viacerých jazykoch: kliknite na príslušnú vlajku a prečítajte si verziu, ktorá vás zaujíma.

At the Holiday Centre Pra’ delle Torri, we are working to guarantee you an even more special stay.

There are two big news for 2024:

New campsite toilet facilities no. 1

After the complete renovation of toilet building no. 3 in 2022, toilet building no. 2 in 2023, 2024 will be the year of the campsite toilet facilities no. 1.

The new toilet building will be structurally like those previously renovated, colourful, with large interior spaces and indoor gardens, ceilings with openings to naturally illuminate the rooms, and a green roof to keep cool and allow the toilet facilities to blend in with the trees and the vegetation in the camping area. Inside, there is a men’s, a women’s, a themed children’s area and an area with facilities for persons with disabilities, a laundry room, sinks for laundry, sinks for dishes and a chemical toilet drain.

Also in this toilet building some shower cubicles and toilets will be heated in the low season with an infrared lamp that is only activated in the presence of the guest.

The hot water in all showers will be heated by solar panels on the roof.

Renovation of 30 Bungalows

The renovation of the bungalows continues. 30 bungalows will be completely renovated and enlarged.

The type that will be built is the Bungalow Gold, much appreciated and requested for its interior space, which will be increased from the current 41 to 58 square metres, for its 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms as well as the living room with kitchenette, veranda overlooking the large green park and small terrace on the first floor.


Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and works to improve the facilities and infrastructure are continuing.